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The Story Behind the Photo

     If you’ve visited GET Fit’s website, then surely you recognize this photo above. It’s hard to tell what time of year it was taken with most people sweating in tank tops while others are bundled up in jackets. This memory was one for the

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Three Good Cyclists

Three good cyclists will always beat one great cyclist to the top of the hill.     Going up that hill alone is hard. The entire time you have the wind at your face, pushing you back. You have no rest time. The only thing you

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50 Healthy Snack Options

We all have cravings. We all love to snack on thins that might be easy but no necessarily good for us. Here are a list of 50 healthy options for the next time you go to reach for a midday snack Almonds & raisinsAir-popped popcorn

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The Birth of GET Fit and Some Coffee

Two years ago, GET Fit started as some scribbles on the back of a paper place mat over a cup of coffee at a little local diner between two friends. Two years later, we have outgrown our home at 50 Central Square in Bridgewater and

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How to Fit in your Workouts with a Busy Schedule

Your alarm goes off and immediately you think about EVERYTHING you have to get done that day…Work, kids activities, cooking, errands, the list goes on and on but what it doesn’t include is a minute to yourself let alone a workout. Even with a pandemic

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The Best is Yet to Come

Living healthy is contagious. Not at first and certainly not all at once. But we can vouch for the intertwined web it creates. Slowly, over time, surrounding yourself with people who live happier, healthier lifestyles, causes them to project that on us, directly or indirectly.

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The GET Fit “Why”

15 years ago, GET Fit’s owner, Ashley Coffey, had a vision of a fitness facility that encompassed an atmosphere that felt more like family than anything – a place where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds learned to love living healthy the same way

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