The Best is Yet to Come

Living healthy is contagious. Not at first and certainly not all at once. But we can vouch for the intertwined web it creates. Slowly, over time, surrounding yourself with people who live happier, healthier lifestyles, causes them to project that on us, directly or indirectly.

If you’ve met our head coach, Ashley, you know she takes the “direct approach” with everyone she meets, holding no one to a standard below their personal perfection. But that’s what GET Fit is all about. That’s what working out is all about — getting towards a healthier, happier version of ourselves and being able to share that with the people we care about most.

Our vision at GET Fit is to build community through fitness in a close-knit setting to strengthen the bond between people, keeping them accountable and motivated.

Following suit, we are roping you in. Below is Get Fit’s Community Bucket List. The goal is to complete as many as you can by the end of 2020

  • Run a 10k distance with a buddy (6.2 miles)
  • Do 5 more consecutive pull ups than you are currently capable of (for many, you might be starting at zero. You got this!)
  • Find adventure through fitness – go on a weekend hike through the mountains, try out a new sport
  • Enter in a competition (most likely virtual this year)
  • Convince someone close to you to join in on one of these tasks
  • Work with a personal trainer to hold you accountable
  • Stretch everyday for a week for a minimum of 10 minutes
  • Convince a friend or family member to join your gym
  • Meditate everday for 30 days. Use this guide
  • Learn to perform one new Olympic Lift
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