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Which Diet is the BEST Diet?

Keto, intermittent fasting, zone, paleo, weight watchers…there are so many diets out there. How do you know what is best? We have a few rules for you to follow. Do NOT jump on the bandwagon and join whatever fad diet your friend recommended because it

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How To Feed A Hockey Animal

It’s 5am. Your kids hockey practice is in one hour. You know they should eat something, but what? You’re busy, they aren’t hungry and it’s time to go. During tournaments, kids sometimes play three intense games in a single day–especially at the end of the

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Are You Guilty of This?

Jane sits done to work at 7:45am on Monday. She’s already behind for the day and feeling rushed. She immediately starts working. Sipping on coffee until it’s cold, she handles emails, deadlines, meetings, an endless stream of demands. At 11 am she thinks “how the

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One year in Captivity

     This March will mark one year since we were sent home, masked up and told to hunker down. In that time we isolated from our loved ones unwillingly. We got lazy, eventhough we found time we didn’t have before. Our backs stiffened up as

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Never Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste

Before the pandemic hit and changed everything, the struggles of clients I heard on a daily basis were understandable, simple, consistent. I leave for work early and get home late. I hardly have time to cook a healthy meal. Takeout is just easy. My work

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Humble and Strong – What Keeps Us Growing

Meet Jess! A young girl who loves boxing, tolerates lifting, hates running and does it all like a pro anyway. Jess has been a member of GET Fit since the beginning. Over the last two years Jess has found a version of herself she didn’t

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GET Fit Shop Local Holiday Guide

Brought to you by GET Fit It’s here! GET Fit’s annual Shop Local Holiday Guide for the Bridgewater Community to shop local, support small businesses and find some great items for your loved ones for the holidays! We’ve selected amazing services and products around for

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Three Tips for Meal Prepping During the Holidays

While cooking can be an unwinding and even therapeutic exercise for some, not everyone has the time, energy, or patience it takes to make a scrumptious home-cooked meal every day. Between the pandemic at hand, work, and the daily stress of life, cooking may seem

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When Success is Disguised as Self-Doubt

Meet Caroline. Caroline has been a member of GET Fit since we opened in 2018. As a mom of two who is always on the go, Caroline struggled to make time for herself. When she joined GET Fit, that all changed. What Caroline lacks in

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Member Spotlight – Meet Danielle

Danielle came to GET Fit in the summer of 2019 because she was “turning 40 and I need my arms to look good.” Danielle had minimal experience in a gym setting like GET Fit but she was determined to make 40 her best year yet!

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