How to Fit in your Workouts with a Busy Schedule

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Your alarm goes off and immediately you think about EVERYTHING you have to get done that day…Work, kids activities, cooking, errands, the list goes on and on but what it doesn’t include is a minute to yourself let alone a workout. Even with a pandemic on our hands, where more people are working from home, many people find it extremely difficult to get in their workout with a busy schedule.

There are so many reasons why getting in some physical activity is important for one’s mind, body and soul. This article will help you learn how to squeeze in those workouts to your weekly routine because EVERYONE deserves a little me time.

Here are some great tips on how you can incorporate exercise into your schedule…NO MATTER HOW BUSY YOU ARE:

1. Try to find workouts that you can do almost anywhere – If there are times when you just can’t make the gym, try to find other ways to get in a good and effective work out from anywhere. HIIT, Tababta and running are great choices for this. These types of exercises are effective and can be done in shorter periods.

2. Do what YOU like to do– Don’t think of a workout as something you have to do, think of it as something you want to do. Choose a workout that makes YOU happy. This will help you stay motivated.

3. Wake up a little earlier– “You Never Regret A Workout” Think of this when your alarm goes off at 5am. Yes, getting up early to workout it hard but it sets the tone for the day. It leaves you feeling energized, happy, and ready to go!!! Think of those words before you hit snooze!

4. Make it a family thing-Spending time with family and friends is amazing! What if you added a little exercise? Family walks, hikes, runs are a great way to incorporate a workout and get some bonding time while you are at it.

5. Get competitive and set goals – Find a race or event (even if it’s virtual) and set a goal to accomplish it…It’s always fun to get competitive with friends as well.

6. Something is better than nothing – Getting in a daily 20 minutes workout does wonders for the mind, body and soul. If you have a conference call, grab you cell and make it a walking meeting. Take a walk during your lunch break. If you only have a couple minutes, how about doing some squats or a few burpees.

7. Break it Up – Think about splitting up your workouts. Try doing 15 minutes in the morning and 15 at night, before you know it you have done a 30-minute workout.

In this unprecedented time of our lives, finding the time to exercise can do wonders. When you start to incorporate physical activity, your mindset will start to change. Before you know it, you are on your way to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

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