One year in Captivity

     This March will mark one year since we were sent home, masked up and told to hunker down. In that time we isolated from our loved ones unwillingly. We got lazy, eventhough we found time we didn’t have before. Our backs stiffened up as we sat down for yet another Zoom call we didn’t need to have. Our patience and strength tested as our kids begged for a single ounce of normalcy while we had no solution to give.

     What started out as a little vacation soon became a daunting reality with no end in sight. Holidays, birthdays, vacations and celebrations, came and went, feeling like empty parking lots with nothing but tumble weeds rolling by wearing N95 masks.

     As July came, we saw a small glimmer of hope. While some businesses slowly opened under tight restrictions, at least we were able to now open the curtains in our homes. Another month and we’ll be back to “some sense of normalcy,” a phrase that made everyone’s jaw tighten just a little bit more. But September then October then November came —  all of the Zoom calls but none of the holiday celebrations.  No sports, no indoor activities, no family gatherings, still. Still waiting for the doors to open so we could go outside and play.

     But Spring is almost here and is a symbol of rebirth and regrowth. After a year of isolation, adjustment and sacrifice, a sense of rebirth comes with the first day of Spring.

I bet you can relate to at least 75% of this list. “In the last year, I…”

  • Gained weight
  • Formed bad eating habits
  • Sat more / moved less
  • Developed back / knee pain
  • Lost motivation
  • Felt lost / depressed
  • Wanted to make a change with no idea how
  • Got sick of working out at home
  • Bought fitness equipment that is now collecting dust.

It’s true. 2020 did a number on us. But how many of these items can you relate to? “In 2021, I want to…”

  • Get back to eating healthy
  • Get back to / start a workout routine
  • Find someone to hold me accountable
  • Get moving more
  • Try out  road race, obstacle course or other fitness event
  • Experience more community building
  • Learn to enjoy and appreciate being healthy

If you said yes to ANY of these, come chat with us and book a free No Sweat Intro here! Let us help you make 2021 your turning point — your first day of spring.

2020 showed us we needed to be strong. Lets make 2021 about being #StrongerTogether

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