Member Spotlight – Meet Danielle

Danielle came to GET Fit in the summer of 2019 because she was “turning 40 and I need my arms to look good.” 🙄 Danielle had minimal experience in a gym setting like GET Fit but she was determined to make 40 her best year yet!

Over the next year, Danielle built strength, confidence and a community she never thought imaginable. Danielle was afraid of the barbell for the longest time! Now she’s a regular member of our Lifting program and is perfecting her deadlift like a pro.

Danielle is just about the happiest person you’ll be lucky to cross paths with on this planet and her positivity is contagious! Every time Danielle finishes a session at GET Fit, she never leaves before saying, “this place is so good for my soul.”We are so thankful to be a part of your journey, Danielle — physically, mentally and of course, your dance parties! Keep up the amazing work. 42 won’t know what hit em’!

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