Are You Guilty of This?

Jane sits done to work at 7:45am on Monday. She’s already behind for the day and feeling rushed. She immediately starts working. Sipping on coffee until it’s cold, she handles emails, deadlines, meetings, an endless stream of demands. At 11 am she thinks “how the heck is it this late already?”

At 12:30 she gets a reminder for a 1pm meeting. “I should have lunch but I need to prep for this zoom meeting. I’m just too busy. I’ll eat after.” The meeting runs late and the next thing she knows it’s 3pm. She grabs a fresh cup of coffee and a bag of chips for a quick ‘pick me up’.

Now it’s 5:15. Time to pick up the kids, head home and start something for supper. Jane is starving, grumpy and stretched thin. Later when she finally has time to herself, she snacks away on a bunch of things, not really satisfied.

Sound familiar?

Lunch can be a huge challenge!

We all know we should be eating lunch but when we’re away from home, or busy working at our computer, it can feel like an impossible luxury. Yet skipping meals is like trying to drive a car with no gas. Sure the car can move if you get out and push, but it’s faster and easier to drive it with gas in it.

Eating lunch is the same. Taking the time to eat midday can help you be more efficient and focused in the afternoon. The investment in time will pay off in productivity, reduced mood swings and make it easier to avoid late night snacking.

This then sets you up for a better night’s sleep, which improves the following day.

3 Simple Steps

Here are 3 simple steps to help:

1) MAKE time to eat. Set a timer for what you can reasonably spare. 15 minutes? 20 minutes? 30 minutes? Then close your laptop, log out of your pc, leave your desk. If you literally CAN’T leave your desk, spin your chair around to a different view.

2) HAVE food available. This can be different things for different people. Maybe it’s a pre-packed lunch of leftovers, or you double prepared food last night for lunch today, or mybe it is just some random healthy food you had in the fridge.

3) QUIT the guilt. Silence the inner bully. You deserve the small amount of time needed to invest in your health. Is your entire day really going to be derailed by taking 15 minutes to eat?

Get support for building healthy habits!

A nutrition coach can help you build the habits needed to meet the challenge of regular meals. You don’t have to be perfect to feel better and see improvement. You’ll be amazed at just what major improvements you can make with a little bit of accountability and some guidance.

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