Humble and Strong – What Keeps Us Growing

Meet Jess! A young girl who loves boxing, tolerates lifting, hates running and does it all like a pro anyway.

Jess has been a member of GET Fit since the beginning. Over the last two years Jess has found a version of herself she didn’t know existed.

Murph 2019

Jess completed Murph, a rigorous Hero Workout that only the strongest of athletes aim to complete in under a specific time. By no means was she eager to do it, much like any other workout she is given — but every single workout, she gives her all and leaves others chasing her efforts.

Jess and Karen sparring in Boxing

Although Jess might be the quietest girl to walk through the door, you’d never know it once she puts on her gloves for boxing. Her strength and performance as an athlete has grown immensely over the last two years. Not only that, but she’s learned the importance of healthy living in and outside of the gym. That is the key to being a well-rounded athlete.

20.3 GET Fit Open

Jess just completed our GET Fit Open, a 5-week intense fitness challenge with olympic lifts, gymnastics and lots of pushing outside her comfort zone. Jess is a humble beast who makes her coaches proud everyday of what she accomplishes. She may doubt herself, but we know better.

Keep amazing us, Jess. your gym family loves cheering in your corner!

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