Which Diet is the BEST Diet?

Keto, intermittent fasting, zone, paleo, weight watchers…there are so many diets out there. How do you know what is best? We have a few rules for you to follow.

  1. Do NOT jump on the bandwagon and join whatever fad diet your friend recommended because it worked for her. Every single person is different, our metabolisms are different, our activity levels are different. One size does not fit all
  2. Do not diet because you are unhappy with your body and you are “willing to try anything.” That kind of mentality is terrible for building a healthy relationship with food and that IS the goal! Food fuels us and allows us to be capable of what we make our bodies do. We should have a healthy relationship and respect for the food we eat and how our body responds to it. If you try to start a diet with a negative mindset, every moment that doesn’t go as planned will result in self-loathing and ultimately a rollercoaster of effort.
  3. Start small! Do not start a diet that requires you to cut out 90% of what you currently eat and start from scratch. This is not sustainable! You may be able to go into it gung-ho for a week or two and stick to the plan, but if it does not mimic a regular routine you are used to, it will become exhausting and again, result in you reverting to hold, bad habits.
  4. Ask yourself “Why,” are you going on a “diet”? Dieting is not healthy long-term and is not for everyone. At GET Fit we don’t put any of our athletes on a “diet.” We teach them how to live healthy lifestyles and have a healthy relationship with food. Small, measurable, attainable goals are what get results, not buying 10 lbs of bacon or a bunch of little Tupperware that you lose all the lids to.

If you are considering starting a diet, we urge you to talk to one of our nutrition specialists first and let them help you dig deeper into those goals you are looking to reach. Schedule a free No-Sweat Intro with us today and learn how you can build a healthy relationship with food and forget about fad diets!

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