When Success is Disguised as Self-Doubt

Meet Caroline.

Caroline has been a member of GET Fit since we opened in 2018. As a mom of two who is always on the go, Caroline struggled to make time for herself. When she joined GET Fit, that all changed.

What Caroline lacks in self-confidence, she makes up for in strength and perseverance. Caroline will be the first to tell you she “won’t be able to lift that” or will not be able to complete a task given to her in the gym. But she will also be the one with the heaviest weight done in the fastest time. We’ve learned to make Caroline’s doubt, her main driver of success and boy has it paid off!

Caroline will set herself up for deadlifts at 95 pounds. Coach Ashley always smiles and says “nice try,” sets her up at 135# and watches her perform just as well as if nothing changed!

After expressing her interest in wanting to run a 5k as her next goal, we started training in the spring of 2019. She joined in with the Running Club, she started going on extra runs after class and planned to run her first 5k in September of 2019. But life happened and she was unable to attend the 5k. So we skipped plan A and aimed for plan B – a half marathon. Caroline’s first ever road race was the Smuttynose Half Marathon that she ran with excellence and an incredible time of just under 2 hours and 20 minutes. Not bad for a girl who doubted herself to even complete a 5k the month before.

Caroline never stops pushing, no matter how hard it may seem to her. She motivates everyone around her in the gym and amazes her coaches every day with what she conquers next. Keep up the incredible work, Caroline. You never stop amazing us!

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