The GET Fit “Why”

15 years ago, GET Fit’s owner, Ashley Coffey, had a vision of a fitness facility that encompassed an atmosphere that felt more like family than anything – a place where people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds learned to love living healthy the same way she did.

Fast forward to 2018 and GET Fit was born. A private fitness studio in the heart of a small, rural town, with the plan to help as many people as humanly possible through community. To this day, GET Fit’s circle expands through referrals and recommendations each day from its beloved members to the people who they care about most.

Our mission is to create a sense of community that brings people together, teaching them how to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle they can pass on.

Losing 5 pounds for an upcoming wedding and making a lifestyle change to live healthier are two very different paths. Clients come through the doors of GET Fit for many reasons, but over time of connecting with our staff and deepening themselves in the GET Fit community, all realize they are on the path long-term – by choice.

Working out is tough. Eating healthy is tougher. Staying motivated to do both seems practically impossible to most many days. But take those hurdles and tackle them just one day at a time, with the support and motivation of a strong fitness family, lifestyle changes happen in unspeakable ways.

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